Director, Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Director at AIGA CT is responsible for securing financial support and partnerships to sustain the organization’s programs. This role involves prospecting, crafting proposals, negotiating agreements, and ensuring sponsors receive recognition. With strong communication skills and a passion for AIGA CT’s mission, the Sponsorship Director plays a vital role in driving the organization’s growth within the design community. Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing organizational needs, identifying target sponsorship opportunities, and outlining clear objectives and tactics to achieve sponsorship goals effectively.
  • Building strong relationships with potential sponsors and partners is crucial for securing sponsorship agreements. The Sponsorship Director actively seeks out and engages with companies, organizations, and individuals who may be interested in supporting AIGA CT’s initiatives.
  • The Sponsorship Director develops tailored proposals that highlight the benefits of a partnership with AIGA CT, including brand exposure, networking opportunities, and community engagement.
  • Ensure that sponsors receive the recognition and visibility outlined in sponsorship agreements, such as branding opportunities, acknowledgment at events, and inclusion in promotional materials. 

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