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Stefan shared his journey through the height of his career, the process of redefining personal and professional values, and escaping the grip of hustle culture. And in that, he gave valuable lessons on prioritizing self-care as a designer, the transformative impact of therapy, and discovering one’s passion in the field.

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A presentation on working as an in-house creative and how we can navigate our role within our own organizations—ensuring in-house designers have a seat at the decision-making table early on in the process. 

What is accessibility and why is it important for designers? Join Special Events Chair Kimberly Lewis, as well as guest speakers Joseph Kilrain, Ashley Billera and Lee Delgado, for AIGA CT’s first incredible event of 2022!

Fall 2021 Community Meeting with HEARTLENT Group

Fall 2021 Community Meeting with HEARTLENT Group

At our Fall Community Meeting, we kicked off our 2021-2022 year with special guest speakers Elliot Gerard and Keith Stoeckeler from HEARTLENT Group!

A panel discussion on the pursuit of design as a career with Julie Anixter and Douglas Davis.

Around the World: Black Design in the Diaspora

Join us in honor of Black History Month to celebrate, recognize, and amplify the cultural contributions of the Black diaspora—an area often overlooked within the ecosystem of modern design. Our panel will explore ideas such as the commodification of black culture by non-black people, “zip code” success, and the nuances of acknowledging socio-economic differences without treating the community as a collective. Viewers and participants will leave with actionable ideas of how we can enact change.

December 2020 Community Meeting - Design For Good

Nancy Ruzow and Sara Haney presented AIGA CT’s Design for Good initiatives from 2020 and looked forward to what 2021 has in store for our community.

December 2020 Community Meeting - Freelance Forum

Randy Hebertson of The Visual Brand hosts an open forum discussion about freelancing and working with agencies.

How to Collaborate with Non Designers

Chris Nasshan, AIGA CT Director, Community, and Ryan Thorp, AIGA CT Chair, In-House, cover how to navigate collaboration throughout the project cycle and how to effectively communicate the how’s and why’s of what we contribute and will execute upon as designers.

Around the World - Tribal & Indigenous Design

Around the World launched this November in honor of Native American Heritage Month. We, with the help of our panelists, explored the professional paths of indigenous artists and designers. We also showcased the influence of Native American artists and examined ways to approach design with a culturally sensitive and nuanced perspective. 

Resume Building Workshop

Resume Building Workshop

Take an evening to refresh your resume with certified Professional Resume Writer, Kristina Galligan, at AIGA CT’s virtual Resume Building Workshop!

Chris Piascik Virtual Event

Conversations with Chris Piascik

Chris Piascik talked to participants about his experience with personal projects turning into client work, and how you can use that to guide your career.