Become a Board Member

Did you know AIGA CT is 100% volunteer-powered? Our chapter’s success depends solely on the efforts of our many volunteers. It takes smart, dedicated, creative people like yourself to make everything we do possible. 

While your volunteer efforts really do help the design community, they also help you build leadership skills, build your professional network, and it feels good to give back while belonging to a fun group! Reach out to if you have any questions or feel free to fill out the form below!

Why Join? 

There are a number of benefits to becoming a leader with AIGA Connecticut but here are a few to begin:

  • Helping to contribute to the community of Connecticut
  • Learning new skills like leadership training, social media, event planning, and public speaking
  • Complimentary registration to AIGA CT events and discounted national conferences and events
  • Access to the local, regional and national design network
  • Shaping the current state and future of design
  • Giving back to the design profession
  • Paying it forward to emerging and future creative practitioners

All positions require:

  • Attending 1 board meeting per month
  • Lead or participate in one event or initiative
  • Five hours per week 
  • Consistent Slack Conversations
  • Attend as many events as your can
  • Complimentary admission to events that you help coordinate or support

Open Positions:

President / Co-President

The President oversees and guides the development of the Chapter, ensuring that Chapter activities are in alignment with the AIGA mission. They provide leadership for the Board of Directors and the membership at large. The president supervises the daily administration of the Chapter including financial and communications management and interface with the national office. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee board directors/chairs programming events to troubleshot issues and ensure successful execution
  • Serve as point of contact with AIGA’s national office to update and coordinate all relevant information
  • Participate in a monthly call with all Chapter Presidents to address overall chapter management
  • Keep Chapter Affiliation in good standing
  • Lead/moderate all Board meetings and annual Chapter Board Retreat
  • Share financial responsibility for the Chapter with the Treasurer and other leading financial review

Having a Co-President is an optional leadership organization structure to share responsibilities of the role with another well-equipped leader. The AIGA CT Presidency of 2020-2023 ran successfully with these roles and helped alleviate stressors put upon a single leader.

Programming Director

The Director of Programming is responsible for overseeing the full calendar of AIGA CT’s events and our yearly programming strategy. Working with the Event Chair, Project Chair (when necessary), and the event lead they will ensure each event is successful from the planning stages to execution. This includes overseeing scheduling, approving budgets, ensuring appropriate contracts are completed, and that staffing is being managed for onsite executions. Another primary role for the Director of Programming is ensuring events are being loaded onto Fonteva and our website. The Director of Programming is ultimately responsible for the duties of individual chairs and/or committee members in their absence or if they are unable to carry out their responsibilities.

Programming Chair

The Event Chair is responsible for assisting the Director of Programming. They will help with the planning, execution, and recap of events. They will also assist in outreach by creating and maintaining event resources. In order to ensure department efforts are being effectively managed, Chairs are encouraged to recruit committee members to assist with various duties as needed.

Education Chair

The Education Chair is responsible for assisting the Director of Education. They will help with the planning, execution, and recap of education focused initiatives and events with help from the Programming team. They will also assist in outreach by creating and maintaining support and guidance to schools in starting and maintaining AIGA student groups. They act as the liaison between the student groups and our Chapter, facilitating communication and collaboration. The Education works closely with the Education Director to provide student-focused events/initiatives for our student community.


Committee Member

Committee members support their director and the committee’s purpose. This can include event planning, outreach, research, content, and project management!

You are encouraged to lead within the committee and take responsibility for tasks assigned to you. Committee members encourage one another to stay active and creative and are encouraged to network and establish relationships with event attendees and community partners.

Each committee requires a different amount of commitment, on average we estimate roughly 5-10 hours a month. Committee members term is dependent on the project that you choose to help with!


Open Committee Positions

  • Membership Committee
  • Community Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Programming Committee
  • Design for Good Committee
  • Volunteer – Work closely with the programming director and coordinate all of our amazing volunteers for events.

Check out the Board Member Descriptions page for a full look at all of our positions.


Interested in joining the board?

Apply below or contact us at with any questions!