Marysia Walker
Director, Education


Marysia Walker is a creative director with over 20 years of diverse experience in marketing and design. She has served as a creative director and lead designer on campaigns for ESPN, PEZ, BiC, Special Olympics, FedEx and more. You might even recognize her work on a couple of Michael Bolton’s albums – if you’re into pop-rock ballads.

Marysia is a community leader and loves to volunteer, give back, and make a difference. She served as a Chair and also co-founded the Emerging Leaders group for the United Way of Greater Waterbury (UWGW), a subsection for professionals under the age of 40 who aspire to make the community better through philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy. In 2017, she, two other co-chairs, and a UWGW leader spoke at the United Way Worldwide Community Leaders Conference in Orlando, Florida about the Emerging Leaders program.

Today, Marysia is a Vice President at WORX, a nationally-recognized branding, digital and marketing agency in Prospect, Connecticut, and has worked at the company for over 13 years. Marysia thrives best in a culture with constant stimulation and loves learning new things. When she isn’t strategizing a new brand, designing a new website, writing a script, or directing a video shoot, you can find her binge-watching Friends for the 100th time. Think you can beat her at Friends trivia? Guess again. Marysia also loves to spend time outdoors and is an avid water skier, biker, hiker, and yogi.