Get to know AIGA CT's Mentorship Program

AIGA Connecticut’s Mentorship Program pairs emerging designers and students with established design professionals to empower individuals and strengthen the bonds in the design community. Through these partnerships we can further develop the talent growing within Connecticut.

“The community is very helpful, gives great feedback, and has amazing events to improve all things I was looking for and more.”

– Eskarlin Godfrey, Mentorship Program Participant 

How it Works


AIGA Connecticut pairs 10 emerging designers with 10 proven design professionals over a four-month period. It’s good, old-fashioned career growth, streamlined. This program is  more than a line-item on a resume and a LinkedIn connection—but a meaningful, insightful partnership. Mentees will identify what they would like to accomplish in this period and work with their mentors to create a plan.

“I thought it was a great program and anyone who has the chance should apply for it.”

– Michaela Abate, Mentorship Program Participant 



Everyone should walk away with useful ideas and tools. AIGA Connecticut will provide guidelines as a starting point, but each mentor/mentee is responsible for setting and achieving goals. These goals should not only be realistic and clear, but tailor-made to fit specific needs, interests, and schedules. We ask that you meet at least once per month in the method of your choice, whether it’s via a video call, chats over coffee, or one-on-one office time.

Become a mentor or mentee by joining our #mentorship Slack community channel.