Looking Forward: A Design Challenge

Looking Forward:A Design Challenge
Submission Deadline: 
Friday July 9, 2021

Congratulations to Kayleigh Zaczkiewicz, the winner of our Looking Forward 2021 Design Challenge! ⁠

⁠We asked you to create a piece (in any medium) that illustrates what you’re looking forward to this year now that the world is reopening. Kayleigh answered, loud and clear: She’s ready to dive into summer! 

Kayleigh Zaczkiewicz AIGA CT Design Winner

⁠Kayleigh says, “In celebration of the re-opening of Connecticut, I’m thrilled to be dining in at my favorite restaurants again! I’m mostly looking forward to grabbing drinks with my boyfriend this summer. You can say I’m eager to dive in, and support my local restaurants.”⁠

⁠We chose Kayleigh’s piece as our winner because of it’s energetic and expressive nature — we all felt the excitement in this piece as soon as we saw it! (Not to mention the lovely composition and use of subtle texture.)⁠

⁠You’re going places, Kayleigh! Enjoy your 1-year subscription to Skillshare, we know you’ll put it to great use! 

Check out her portfolio and LinkedIn!

AIGA CT is hosting a design contest!

We invite you to create a design pertaining to what excites you about the re-opening of Connecticut, and by extension the world. It has been a long haul of isolation,  endurance, and re-imagining of the way our world looks and feels. To celebrate the opening up of the country, and the beckoning summer season, we invite you to create!

We are accepting all creative submission mediums. This may include a single or series of any of the following: photography, collage, printmaking, motion graphic, drawing, sculpture, painting, poster, a sticker, or other visual art form.


Our first place winner will be  awarded a 1-year subscription to SkillShare!

All submitted pieces will be uploaded to a digital gallery on our website, tagged with the creators name, LinkedIn, website, etc..


All qualifying work will be judged by the AIGA CT board on the following criteria: 

Innovation: Does this design stand out and provide something new?

Aesthetics: Does this piece hold a high artistic value of form, shape, color, texture, finishing, engineering, material used, etc.?

Thematic & Story: Does this piece speak to the brief or present a theme that is interesting or extraordinary?

How to Qualify & Submit

Step 1 — Become an AIGA CT Slack member & join the #Contest channel

In order to be entered, you must be a member of the AIGA CT slack and follow the #contest channel. If you are not already an AIGA CT slack member, please join our community slack by clicking the button below. 

Once registered in slack, add the channel “#contests” to stay updated on the design challenge.

Step 2  — Register via the google form & upload your work

To submit your piece, click the button below. You will be asked to provide your instagram handle, and a brief statement about what inspired you.

Note: It has come to our attention that there may be concerns that this is considered spec work. We are aligned with national that there is no room for spec work in our industry. Participants have the right to refuse having their work included on social channels and maintain full ownership over their entries.