Holiday Book Gift Guide for Any Designer

If you're stuck finding a gift for your designer friends or colleagues check out our list of must-have books!

Books are a great gift for any type of person and can  lead to insightful moments and leave a lasting impression. We are here to help guide you in what books a designer might want, regardless of their industry. Books that touch upon improving your mindset—books with beautiful fonts to explore—and even books that let you change your perspective on the world around you.

Let’s not forget the best part about books—they let you relax and destress after the busy holiday season. Settle down comfortably as we go through a list that is worth landing your shopping carts this season!

**We are linking to Amazon or the publisher strictly for convenience, we are not receiving any kind of compensation from them or the authors. Please consider ordering these titles from the publishers themselves or your local bookstore!

Work Hard and Be Nice to People

With inspirational advice and wise words on creativity this book, written by Anthony Burrill, is based on his most iconic typographic prints. We all need a bit of motivation this season so this is definitely a must-read for 2021!

Just My Type

This book is for the type enthusiasts in your life! It shares the history behind select typefaces, as well as where it is applied in the real world. What type of personality does each font have? What are some of the best fonts to use for certain industries? Simon Garfield answers all your questions and shows inspirational examples of the world of fonts.

Designing Brand Identity

If you want to learn more about the process of developing a brand, this book offers great insight into each stage of how to implement a brand and the research that goes into it. Perfect for brand managers, designers, and marketers looking to understand the ins and outs of branding with examples of the latest trends and insightful case studies!

Logo Modernism

Whether you specialise in logo design or are interested in the history behind how logo design has shaped the industry, this book deserves a place in your library. This behemoth of a book explores how modernist ideas and attitudes shaped corporate identity through logos from 1940–1980.

A More Beautiful Question

Questions are how we go about finding answers in our life, whether it is born from philosophical thoughts or pure curiosity. This book opens the conversation about finding solutions through asking the right questions.

Lettering Manual
Lettering has become a popular hobby and profession for designers and type-loving creatives. This book teaches how to create beautiful lettering and shares guides on the characteristics of letter strokes through amazing imagery.
By AIGAConnecticut
Published December 15, 2020