Printing Workshop

What a great number.
It’s big, but not hard to imagine like a trillion. It’s the square of 10, the boiling temperature of water on the Celsius scale, the basis of percentages (Latin for “per hundred”), the largest U.S. currency bill in print, a “C” in Roman numerals, the number of yards in an American football field, a frequent list quantifier (“The Top 100s”), and means “continue” in HTTP status code. 100 is a century.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts turning 100 is a moment to pause and reflect, but not to stop. Numbers, like typography, are ever present in all our lives, and few numbers are as significant an event as a centennial. For the AIGA’s 100th, participants are asked to bring interpretations and ideas about 100 to transform into unique printed pieces.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to create his/her very own limited-editon (sets of 10) 10×10 print, using different methods at the UCONN Print Shop. How you print, what you print is up to you. So bring great ideas about the number 100, a joy to collaborate, and an enthusiasm for working quickly and with your hands.

Analog print technologies have endured repeated upheavals in the way designers work, yet have remained a relevant and vital touchstone for the graphic arts. The HTTP code associated with 100 seems an apt metaphor for not only printing, but also this workshop and the AIGA’s future. In HTTP status code to have a server check if a request could be accepted based on the request’s headers, a client must send the command “Expect: 100-continue”.

Expect to make some great work in an inspiring environment.
Count to 100.

If you would like to print from polymer plates, please contact Sara Jamshidi at and submit your artworks no later than Sunday October 26. We will prepare your polymer plate before the workshop and show you how the plates are developed. You will be able to print from your plates and keep them for future printings.

This workshop has been facilitated by our wonderful friends at Counterproof Press and Mohawk Papers. Counterproof Press is a collaboration between several programs and departments at University of Connecticut to produce limited edition art objects and publications. All work will be printed on premium Mohawk Superfine paper to ensure even your simplest ideas will be sumptuous.


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When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001