Day of Play – Specialty Printing Workshops

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On June 9th, join AIGA Connecticut for a road trip to AS220, and enjoy a day of creative exploration, education, and fun!

This full-day workshop includes: THREE HANDS-ON specialty printing workshops, a tour of the sprawling AS220 grassroots community arts/education compound, and lunch with AS220 founder, Bert Crenca.

Whether you've got experience with specialized printing or are newly curious, this workshop will give you plenty of opportunity for learning the ropes, renewing your passion, or refining your skills in letterpress, etching/intaglio, and the ultra-now laser etching process.

With AS220 as our guides and instructors, we'll be inspired, grow our confidence, and get closer to mastery, all in one day.

To ensure the fullest experience possible, we're offering only a limited of participants. Register early as this event will fill-up fast.

The Workshops

Each attendee will be part of a smaller group that will receive focused, one-on-one guidance from instructors at each workshop. In no time at all, you'll be knuckles-deep in creating something truly original. You'll get to create your very own limited-editon (sets of 10) 11x17 poster combining all 3 workshop techniques into one virtuoso composition. Or, if you don't like when your potatoes touch your peas, you can keep the techniques separated and create up to 3 sets of 10 posters. The choice is yours, so bring your great ideas, the spirit of collaboration, and your enthusiasm for designing on the fly.

Mohawk will be distributing from an ample selection of beautiful, thick, luscious paper to ensure even your simplest ideas will be sumptuous.

Letterpress Workshop
In recent years, there has been a rise of "craft" letterpress. Though this process requires a high level of craftsmanship — AS220 is adept at bringing you up to speed quickly. You'll get to select from a trove of movable type and set your handpicked type the old-fashioned way. Then, you'll head to the Vandercook press where you'll ink up and pull your own typographic design on sheets of luscious thick paper. In just a few hours, you'll hone your skills and watch your design come alive.

Etching & Intaglio Workshop
Try your hand at a printing technique from the golden ages and channel your inner Albrecht Dürer. Select from through AS220's large inventory of "plates", ink the grooves and print on a gorgeous sheets of thick eggshell paper. There you have it—simple and serendipitous.

Laser Etching Workshop
Experiment with cutting paper the new-fashioned way. Bring a vector (illustrator eps) drawing and get ready to add an etched (also known as laser cut) component to your poster. Laser allows for very intricate cuts. Look up the work of Paul Krix based on patterns in nature and get inspired. A simple leaf can be incredible!

We chose AS220 for this workshop location because the facilities are extraordinary. We also chose them for the culture that they've developed around creative expression and learning. This cultural sensibility has expanded beyond the print shops themselves to the entire AS220 compound and to the vibrant creative neighborhood AS220 calls home. Go on a guided journey through the facility and learn about the genesis of this culture and daydream about bringing some of that spirit home with us.

Lunch will be on site at Foo(d), a casual café on the AS220 compound. Though we have included time for lunch into our schedule, the cost of your meal is not included in the registration fees.


We will break into three workshop groups and proceed through the full program "round-robin" style, meeting up as a group at noon for a quick lunch and a tour of AS220. The workshop schedule will flow as follows:

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Workshop A: 10 AM - Noon
Lunch/tour: Noon - 1 PM
Workshop B: 1 PM - 3 PM
Workshop C: 3 PM - 5 PM


We will be coordinating mini-van transportation from Hartford. Depending on location of registrants, we will be able to accommodate a pick-up location outside of Hartford as well (for example—a New Haven pick up). In order to take advantage of this ride-sharing opportunity, we will be determining a departure location convenient to parking. Simply, meet us at these locations, park your own vehicle and join us for fun conversation all the way to RI.

Departure time from CT: this time will be determined at a later date, once attendees are registered and we can plot a course. Once the times and departure locations are set, we will have to adhere to the schedule to ensure we don’t miss any of our committed time at AS220.

Departure time from RI: We recommend spending some time exploring the AS220 neighborhood. Therefore, we will leave return times will be consensus-based within each van-team.

AS220 Full-day Workshop
115 Empire Street, Providence, Rhode Island

AIGA Members: $100
Non-AIGA Members: $120

Space is limited, register today! SIGN UP, EXPLORE & DO IT YOUR WAY

When & Where
Sat, Jun 9, 2012 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI