Connecticut Creates – Idea Meeting
Connecticut Creates _______
Innovation, design thinking, creation, ideation, imagination . . . these words are tossed around more than New England tree branches in an October snow storm.
In our little corner of this crazy, shaken up world, what does Connecticut create? Instead of fighting the legacy of the "insurance state" moniker, let's find something new to take its place. Actually, let's find a lot of somethings to take its place.  
With your help, we can uncover what Connecticut creates and set the stage for what future creation can look like in this state. Right now, we see Connecticut Creates taking several forms: an awareness campaign, a string of conversations, a grassroots fever and engaging events in 2012. We need your help to turn this seedling of an idea into a real thing. 
On Monday, November 21, join members of the AIGA Connecticut board to learn more about what Connecticut Creates is today and help us shape it moving forward. 
We see a mashup of art, business, nonprofit, community, tourism, government and education taking part in Connecticut Creates. If you are skipping the meeting but have suggestions for people you'd like to see involved with this initiative, forward them to Suzi Craig at
We are innovators, design thinkers, ideators (if that's not a word, we just created it) and we are all imagining what the future will be. Let's create it together. And, let's start with our corner first and see what happens. 
Date: Monday, November 21
Time: 6-8 PM
Place: CO:LAB
1429 Park Street, Suite 207
Hartford, CT 06106
When & Where
Mon, Nov 21, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST
1429 Park Street
Hartford, CT 06106