Breakfast Epiphany with Brent Robertson

Join Brent Robertson of Fathom for a rousing discussion over breakfast. The topic will be exploring temporality in group conversation. 

When working with a client, coworkers or friends, we all walk into a meeting or happening with expectations. And then, the actual conversation begins . . . someone riffs on an unrelated tangent, two different perspectives clash or a dominant personality takes the floor. What happened to the conversation you set out to have? Through the lens of temporality, or interpreting the time continuum, Brent Robertson of creative firm Fathom can shed some light on working with unexpected tension or surprises that may be originating from other places (past, present or future) but show up in a real-time conversation. Brent will help us explore useful ways to examine group dynamics to improve interpersonal communications and conversations. Be sure to bring your own expectations, personality, stories and theories to the table, past or present. 

More About Brent
Brent Robertson's work with clients from around the globe has revealed one universal truth: breakthrough creation and innovation lies within every organization. Co-founder of Hartford-based Fathom, a creative and design consultancy, Brent leverages the power of visualization to transition ideas from their fragile infancy into their astounding potential. Operating as stewards of an organization's strategic vision, Fathom's work has resulted in remarkable growth, clarity of purpose and realized aspirations for their clients. Some include: Yale University, Covidien, OneBeacon Insurance Group, University of Hartford, ConnectiCare and franchise leader Wireless Zone. Connect with Brent on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

When & Where
Wed, Apr 6, 2011 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM EDT
Tisane Tea & Coffee Bar
537 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105