AI for Creative Minds

We believe that the intersection of AI and creativity is not just about technology; it's about opening new doors to imagination, efficiency, and innovation. This workshop is curated for artists, designers, writers, educators, and all creative minds eager to delve into the world of AI and discover its limitless possibilities.

Throughout this workshop, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of AI in the creative industry, learn from real-world applications, and get hands-on experience with AI tools. Our sessions are designed to be interactive, engaging, and insightful, ensuring a rich learning experience for all participants.

We're thrilled to have a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Israt Ahmed from NBCUniversal and Saba Rashid from Visa, who will share their expertise and insights on AI's impact and ethical considerations in the creative sphere.

  • Overview of AI's influence in the creative sector.
  • Discussion on industry trends and future prospects.
  • Personal anecdotes and success stories.
  • Exploration of specific AI tools for creatives, including Hugging-Face, ChatGPT, Wix, and Divi (Wordpress).
  • Overview of ethical considerations in AI-generated art.

This workshop is perfect for artists, designers, writers, and anyone in the creative field looking to integrate AI into their work. Whether you're an AI enthusiast or just curious about its potential in creativity, this event is for you! Join us for an enlightening and interactive experience.

Participation Note: Attendees can join the live demo by purchasing the ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20) or opt to just observe.


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AIGA student members: $15

Non-members: $30


SABA RASHID is a Product Manager at Visa's Innovation & Design Studio where she partners with financial service providers to develop payment products, including contactless technologies, and solutions for small businesses/creators with a focus on Inclusive Design, Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Saba's expertise lies in product management, market strategy, design-thinking, data analytics, behavioral science, while leveraging innovation methods, and equity frameworks in the development and application of emerging tech.

Before Visa, Saba completed her MBA from the Yale School of Management, where she specialized in entrepreneurship, serving as a start-up advisor guiding founders from concept development, to the launch of their minimum viable products (MVPs). She has also worked with the Gates Foundation, designing products to improve financial and health outcomes leveraging research from behavioral science and inclusive design. Outside of work, Saba is the Partnerships Lead for Women In Innovation, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the impact and influence of women in the innovation and design space. A lifelong learner, Saba advocates for the art of "humble curiosity", and is passionate about addressing the digital divide for historically underserved communities.

ISRAT AHMED is a Digital Product Manager at NBC Universal, specializing in the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology. He oversees a comprehensive product lifecycle portfolio that includes 54 websites, encompassing 36 Owned Television Stations (OTS) and their mobile applications, 5 Regional Sports Networks (RSNs), and 13 national websites. Israt's expertise lies in various domains, such as product management, marketing, data visualization, software development, and launching sites. His skill set includes guiding engineering and design teams from the initial concept stage to successfully launching minimum viable products (MVPs). Before NBC Universal, Israt spent eight years at the City University of New York, leading marketing efforts and producing high-impact promotional videos for 18 organizations and 25 colleges. His skills in social media marketing, content creation, and establishing strategic business partnerships significantly enhanced the visibility and impact of these programs for the student population.

Israt's passion for AI is rooted in his creative and technical acumen, focusing on streamlining workflows and demystifying AI technologies. He holds several certifications from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft for Generative AI and Machine Learning, contributing to his proficiency in Transformer Models, Responsible AI, Large Language Models, and Image Generation. An advocate for continued learning, Israt leverages his diverse experience to develop custom Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) for various applications, offering valuable insights for bridging the gap in the integration of AI within creative processes.

When & Where
Thu, Feb 29, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST