Emerging Professionals Workshop 2021

Tackling the Job Search + Best Practices

With Jaime Laufer — Presentation

Getting ready for an interview takes more than Googling standard interview questions. You need to establish an extraordinary first impression, demonstrate you understand the company you are interviewing with and its products/services, and convey that you are a good culture fit with the right skills.

Freelancing 101

With Kathy Nolan, Megan O’Marra Maruzo, Bob Handelman — Panel Discussion

Getting started as a freelancer can be tough and confusing. When you're self-employed, you're not only providing services to clients, but you're completely responsible for your own personal business, which includes non-design skills such as accounting and legal. In this session, we will explore how to navigate freelance work, the basics of contracts and pricing, and how to keep records for tax purposes.

Design Career Paths

With Cristian Rivano, Alexandra Barvo, Cathy Charles — Panel Discussion

Having a plan is essential to reaching any goal, but one thing 2020 has taught us is the importance of being adaptable. You never know where your career might go and in this session we will explore different design paths you might find yourself walking including: in-house vs agency, corporate vs retail, digital vs traditional, and specialized fields.

Agency Case Study

With Andre Picard — Presentation

A case study is a report on a successful project or campaign you've completed; they are highly beneficial because they demonstrate your strategy/skills and the impressive results born from them. By sharing with potential and current clients that you get results in the services they need, you establish credibility and position yourself as a leader in that sector.

Skillset Versatility

With Greg Stewart, David Gurr, Pete Sena — Panel Discussion

Companies are continually looking to hire positive problem solvers with well-rounded skill sets. Modern designers need to master multiple disciplines, rise to the challenge of working across multiple mediums, and embrace innovation and change. In this session, we will discuss how versatility is a more valuable skill than ever before.

How to build an Online Presence

With Tyler Pate — Presentation

Does your social media presence reflect who you are as a professional? How would you feel if your boss scrolled through your feed? How we present ourselves online is important personally and professionally. In this session, explore the elements that make up a professional online presence, the different online platforms available, and discover the impact that conduct and tone can have on your professional reputation.

By AIGAConnecticut