Designing for All: 5 Essential Reads on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Forget trends, the future of design is inclusive! This curated list of 5 articles dives deep into DEI, from neurodiversity to celebrating Black graphic design pioneers. Get inspired and create designs that work for everyone.

  1. Designing Logos With Cultural Inclusivity In Mind

This article by Zaheer Dodhia argues that logos should be designed with cultural inclusivity in mind, considering audience demographics and avoiding offensive symbolism. It emphasizes that inclusivity goes beyond representation and fosters trust with a wider audience.

  1. The FUTURE is Inclusive by Design: Asking Businesses and Organizations to Do MORE When Considering Neurodiversity, Universal Design, and Inclusion Because It Benefits EVERYONE 

Thought leader Lyric Holmans argues that designing with neurodiversity in mind isn’t just about inclusivity, it’s good for business – unlocking the potential of a wider talent pool.

  1. Designing out racism is “work for everyone”

Lisa E. Mercer and Terresa Moses argue in their new book design can fight racism by creating a framework for educators, communities, and businesses to design anti-racist systems and experiences.

  1. A History of Black Graphic Design 

This insightful piece by Adobe explores the rich legacy of Black graphic designers who have shaped the visual world. It’s a call to celebrate their contributions and ensure diverse voices are amplified within the industry.

  1. Accessible Design Tools for a More Inclusive World Wide Web

This article by UpHouse Inc. highlights the importance of web accessibility with tips like color contrast, alt-text, and user-friendly navigation for a more inclusive online experience.

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By Amanda Southworth
Published April 2, 2024