Around the World

An open and ongoing conversation about the impact of underrepresented and marginalized communities in design. 

Our series aims to recognize, celebrate, and amplify a variety of perspectives—highlighting a different demographic monthly.

Black Design in the Diaspora

In honor of Black History Month we celebrate, recognize, and amplify the cultural contributions of the Black diaspora—an area often overlooked within the ecosystem of modern design. Our panel explores ideas such as the commodification of black culture by non-black people, “zip code” success, and the nuances of acknowledging socio-economic differences without treating the community as a collective.

Tribal & Indigenous Design

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, AIGA CT explores the professional paths of indigenous artists and designers. We also showcase the influence of Native American artists and examine ways to approach design with a culturally sensitive and nuanced perspective.

By AIGAConnecticut
Published February 21, 2021