2023 Creative Scholarship

AIGA Connecticut 2023 Creative Scholarship

The $2,000 AIGA Connecticut Creative Scholarship program rewards undergraduate students who produce exceptional work at university art and design programs across Connecticut.

Reasons to Apply

If that’s not enough, here are 5 reasons to apply to the scholarship:

Reason 1: You will alleviate course material costs 

The AIGA Connecticut scholarship for undergraduates can provide financial assistance towards the cost of tuition and other education-related expenses. This can be a huge help, especially if you’re trying to balance your studies with other commitments or if you’re struggling to afford the cost of higher education. By applying for the scholarship, you’ll have the chance to potentially receive funding that can help alleviate some of the financial burden of pursuing your degree.

Reason 2: You will Improve Your Writing and Presentation Skills

Applying for the scholarship can also be a great opportunity to improve your writing and presentation skills. You’ll need to craft a thoughtful and well-written application, including an essay that outlines your goals and achievements as a creative professional. This process can help you practice communicating effectively and persuasively, skills that will be valuable in both your academic and professional endeavors.

Reason 3: Boost Your Resume and Stand Out to Potential Employers

If you’re chosen as a scholarship recipient, you’ll have the chance to add this achievement to your resume and use it as a way to stand out to potential employers. Being recognized by a respected organization like AIGA Connecticut can be a great way to demonstrate your talent and commitment to your chosen field.

Reason 4: Showcase Your Best Work and Refine Your Skills

The scholarship application process can also be a chance to curate and showcase your best work. You’ll need to submit examples of your creative endeavors as part of your application, giving you the opportunity to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement. This process can help you gain a better understanding of your own skills and can also give you valuable practice in selecting and presenting your work to others.

Reason 5: It’s a Chance to Make a Positive Impression and Establish Connections in the Design Industry!

Finally, the scholarship committee is made up of experienced professionals in the design field, giving you the opportunity to make a positive impression and potentially establish connections in the industry. Even if you’re not ultimately chosen as the recipient, the experience of applying and going through the process can be valuable on its own, and you may be able to use these connections to further your career goals down the line.


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – apply for our annual $2,000 scholarship now and take the first step towards investing in your future as a designer. Being recognized by a respected organization like AIGA Connecticut can be a great way to demonstrate your talent and commitment to your chosen field.

Meet the Judges

Our highly experienced and dedicated judges for the AIGA Connecticut Creative Scholarship are truly committed to supporting the next generation of talented designers. With their wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, they’re helping to nurture and guide the future of our profession.

DJ Haddad

“I graduated from Parsons School of Design back in the dark ages of 1999 when a “cloud” was simply a form of condensation and “working from home” was nothing but a European myth. After consulting in NYC for a few years, I started my own small digital agency with some friends, and we got to work on some awesome brands such as Citigroup, ING Direct and Novartis. That same core team from the early days is still in place today and makes up a part of our remote, full-service creative agency, Haddad & Partners.”

Feature from Graphic Design USA

Jeanne Criscola

Jeanne Criscola collaborates on social justice and cultural projects as Criscola Design; publishes books as OctoberWorks; and art multiples as Useless Press. In 2016, Criscola founded the Ely Center of Contemporary Art, a public art center in New Haven. She co-founded Else Foundation, a global consortium publishing Else, an occasional peer-reviewed journal of creative research initiatives in experimental and alternative works, projects, and thematic research. Her art takes many forms: installation, generative, performance, and books, with one in MoMA‘s Franklin Furnace Collection. Criscola is currently an Associate Professor teaching Graphic/Information Design at CCSU.

Kenyatta Huston

Kenyatta Huston is a creative and dynamic Social Media and Digital Design Manager at The Narrative Project. With six years of design experience in branding, print, illustration, web and product and apparel, Kenyatta brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Whether working as a freelance designer or creating products for clients, Kenyatta is always pushing the boundaries of how we communicate through the language of design, while exploring the depths of his collaborators’ visions and missions. Since 2021, he has served as Creative Director of independent fashion brands Star Steppaz and Dream of Jophiel, and the food truck Fire Spot Project. In 2022 he founded Octavious Marks, creating and manufacturing the company’s products, as well as their website, online shop and marketing and advertising campaign.

While pursuing his Master’s degree in Communication and Design from Central Connecticut State University, Kenyatta was selected by his professors to serve as Grad Design Assistant, assisting with classroom teaching.

In addition to their impressive academic background, Kenyatta is a talented athlete. Having played Division 1 football for four years, he brings a drive, determination, passion and team-centeredness to his work as a designer.

Lauren Cimino

Creative Manager at Gault Family Companies

Resourceful Marketing Manager with over ten years of experience across three acquisitions. An intuitive ability to understand the many facets of a company and translate the marketing message to the B2B and direct to consumer client. Successfully converts the visions of leaders and salespeople into executable projects, strategic initiatives and effective brand management. Talented content writer, event planner, project manager focused on attracting and retaining clients and building a reputable brand.

Criteria & Details

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your creative talent and potentially win a scholarship! If you’re a high school senior or college student enrolled in a Bachelor’s program within the graphic design or art industry, you’re eligible to apply. 


  • 3-5 pieces of original work. Submissions must be digital; PDF, links to a website, Vimeo or Youtube are all acceptable. If you have motion or web work that have individual links please include all links in one PDF file with their titles and basic information on each project.
  • A brief essay on why you have chosen the field in which you are majoring as a profession (250 words).
  • One letter of reference from a teacher, professor, mentor – anyone that can attest to your skills, personality, and drive (PDF upload).
  • All application materials, including the reference, must be submitted by the February 22nd, 2023 deadline.

Award Details

  • One (1) $1,500 scholarship awarded towards tuition and/or materials
  • Two (2) $250 runner up scholarships awarded towards tuition and/or materials
  • Winners will be announced in-person at the 2023 Emerging Professionals Workshop
By AIGAConnecticut
Published February 3, 2023