Kierra Holroyd
Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Kierra Holroyd, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for the Octagon Sports and Entertainment Network is committed to amplifying opportunities, visibility, and equity for underrepresented groups through a combination of engagement, communication and relationship management.

As a multi-faceted professional who has explored a non-traditional career path, Kierra strives to curate and enhance the voices of individuals and groups whose experiences navigating professional environments may not be adequately – or sensitively – depicted.

Kierra serves as a chair for the Women’s Leadership Network in her region and engages in pro bono hiring and recruitment for a local residency supporting adults with Autism.

Kierra is a 2012 graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, with a degree in Business Administration and Psychology. She currently resides in East Haven, Connecticut with her husband, Grant, and daughter, Finley.