Supporting the Future of Design – How It Works

Our goal is to broaden, energize and enrich students’ understanding of design through a variety of perspectives. These programs offer instructors four different ways to effectively support their curriculum. Each one has been thoughtfully crafted to address specific aspects that are vital in the transition from a school environment to the real world.

Professional AIGA members have volunteered their time to present each program. The programs are designed to work for one class at a time and are geared toward students in their junior and senior year. All programs will be pre-arranged and at the convenience of the professor.

If you are interested in having AIGA CT facilitate an educational program at your school or in being an instructor, please contact

Please note: There is no charge for these programs, but scheduling is dependent on our member volunteers’ availability. Scheduling preference will be given to schools with existing AIGA-CT Student Chapters.


Participation in a class project’s process critique
Students are challenged with presenting their work to a design professional during the Crash Crit, and are provided feedback to assist in reaching a better solution. Students will be encouraged to talk abaout the problem posed and defend their solution. This program could be conducted either in a one-on-one environment or as a group critique.


In–class workshop with a real creative brief
For this in-class workshop, a design professional presents students with a real creative brief. Groups of students are charged with resolving specific concepts through the process of ideation in preparation for discussion at the end of class. Students are given the opportunity to deal with real-world design project challenges under the pressure of a deadline.

Getting Away with Murder

Lecture series about challenging the client’s vision
Students gain insight on managing client issues with creativity through real-world case studies. Commentary on how to help clients remain open to opportunities, and how to balance creative freedom with project constraints, will also be included. This program will rotate throughout the different colleges and universities in the state, will be open to the public, and promoted to AIGA members. These events will be free for students.


Short presentation followed by mock interviews
Our aim is to provide guidance about design thinking and expectations in a real-world context while focusing on the value of having a degree in design. Prep-O-Matic provides exposure to how an interview works and gives students a chance to practice presenting their work.